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Facility Automation

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With hundreds of documented installations, retrofits, modifications and service calls every year available for you to view right here on our website - we are a distributor you can trust to get the job done right.

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Stretch Wrappers
The stretch wrapper is where we get our name, SWS - or Stretch Wrap Systems - is where it all started in 2009. SWS Packaging services all major brands of stretch wrapper in every state and have worked on projects of all shapes and sizes, documenting as many as we can here on our website so that our customers can see the quality of our work and the number of solutions we provide for applications just like theirs.

We install hundreds of wrappers every year and we understand not only what each kind of application requires but also what goes into the optimization of pallet wrapping systems, whether its a fully automatic conveyorized rotary arm stretch wrapper, a ground mounted straddle stretch wrapper or a ultra-mobile turntable table solution.
Strapping Systems
SWS provides both full pallet strapping systems as well as smaller strapping systems for individual parcels. Full pallet strapping systems are used for topple and tamper prevention, providing extra fortification in shipment, especially with unstable loads.
Palletizing Systems
There are many different types of palletizing systems, all of which quickly assemble a pallet for shipment and save workers from back breaking manual labor building numerous pallets. They can be integrated with almost any existing packaging line to greatly speed up production and free up workers to focus on other tasks.
Conveyor Systems
Conveyor systems bring it all together, moving product from point a to point b and speeding along your production. We provide conveyor solutions that can be integrated with all parts of the packaging line. SWS Packaging has experience with the entire gamut of conveyor manufacturers and can help you find the right configuration for your specific needs.
Case Erectors
Case erectors quickly assemble boxes and cartons from a hopper or clip of flattened/knocked down boxes. Many case erectors are also designed to seal the bottoms of a case/box as it passes through the system while others are designed to construct boxes that are self containing and do not require tape or sealant.

Case erectors can quickly boost productivity and are an essential piece of the puzzle for production lines.
Case Sealers
Case sealers are designed to seal or tape a case/box as it passes through the system. Case sealers are often fed by a pre-existing conveyor line, and come in configurations that seal either the bottom, top or both the top and bottom of a box.

The speed of a case sealing system in tandem with a case erector is like night and day for an operation that has never had these pieces of the puzzle.
Shrink Wrappers
Shrink wrappers and shrink bundlers use heat to conform a film to the outside of a product, usually cutting and sealking each side of the shrink film as the heat is applied. These systems come in multiple forms, from conveyorized tunnels that are an integrated part of a packaging line, to manual use sealers that feature a manual cutter and small heat tunnel.
Ink Jet Systems
Ink jet systems can be integrated onto conveyor systems throughout your packaging line and can be synchronized with your in house labeling systems, allowing for direct to case/box printing of barcodes, logos and just about anything else you could think of.
Stretch Wrappers
Stretch Wrappers
Strapping Systems
Palletizing Systems
Conveyor Systems
Case Erectors & Carton Formers
Case Erectors
Case Sealers & Tapers
Case Sealers
Shrink Wrappers & Bundlers
Ink Jet Systems
Ink Jet
safety is everything

Intrusion Detection

We offer a range of intrusion detecton solutions which allow for an open flow of people or product while providing highly accurate intrusion detection to mitigate the risk of injury, death or damaged equipment. From advanced safety light curtains to photo eye configurations and laser based systems - SWS can integrate any of these with your existing packaging line to provide the highest degree of intrusion detection possible.

Audible & Visual Alarms

Warehouses and production environments can be very noisy at times and it is crucial that one is aware of their surroundings when carrying out tasks in the proximity of running equipment. Integrating audible alarms into your packaging line can provide valuable awareness to workers within the area while visual alarm light systems can inform hearing impaired individuals and provide workers not in the immediate vicinity with cues as to the operating state of the packaging line and inform their decisions.


Safety fencing is possibly the simplest, most practical and most reliable safety solution for a packaging line - with sections coming in many different sizes and shapes, allowing them to be placed in a wide array of configurations around any piece of your packaging line. While sensors are a powerful safety solution where an open flow of product or people is needed, fencing is a very desirable solution at any other part of the line.

Quick stop fence gates

Even with a fully automatic system, direct access to the machine is often necessary. Quick stop gate latches for safety fencing configurations are an essential piece of the puzzle. It is one thing to place fencing around your equipment, preventing collisions with equipment and other accidents, but it is another thing entirely to prevent human error.

With quick stop gate latches a system is immediately shut off when the gate is opened, eliminating the possibility of injury or worse when someone needs direct access to automatic equipment.

Quick Stop Floor Mats

Quick stop safety mats are extremely durable floor mounted sensors that operate as an emergency stop switch.

Drive a lift right over them and load the wrapper with confidence. If anything steps, rolls or falls into the wrap zone during the the wrapping sequence the machine will stop.
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The the supply chain is a complicated web and SWS Packaging is tapped in, putting you at the forefront by maintaining strong and constant partnership with manufacturers, allowing for quick allocation of the resources you need.

With a team of dedicated sales reps and the ability to source from multiple vendors, we'll get you what you need when you need it.

Dan Hart
Stretch Film
Stretch Film
Shrink Film
Shrink Film
Bubble & Foam
Bubble & Foam
Void Fill
Void Fill
know & optimize
No matter where you are or what you are doing, check in on your wrapper fleet as well as receive real time notification of inefficient operation.

Expand the system with pallet imaging, automatic pallet identification/logging and custom designed solutions.
With MEMOS, you’re always aware of just how much use your equipment is getting and how much material is consumed – allowing you to manage your fleet with the foresight needed to prevent downtime & maximize output.

Have the numbers, don’t play guessing games. You will know how much film your wrapper uses, how much time it operates and how long it will be until the machine needs routine maintenance.

Receive daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly reports on your fleets film usage and operating time, machine by machine and in total.
Pallet Imaging
With the pallet imaging add-on for MEMOS, you can document the entire wrap process for each individual load.

Perhaps you are shipping very valuable product that happens to go missing or get damaged while in transit to your customer.

You shouldn’t eat the cost for that.

Capture all sides of the pallet in extraordinary detail.

Show that you did indeed ship their pallet as ordered in a high quality and secure manner. Protect your bottom line!
Catalog by shipment data
The pallet imaging add-on for MEMOS gives you the ability to capture photos of all sides of each shipment wrapped by your stretch wrapper and catalog these photos by machine, date and time.

For larger companies doing larger quotas, this simply isn’t enough.

With the data logging feature for MEMOS, your valuable label data can be extracted optically, giving you the ability to search through your pallet imaging history based on this extracted data.
  • Film use monitoring and more for your entire wrapper fleet with up to the minute data access via browser and mobile app as well as daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly reporting.
  • Pallet Imaging: Photograph all sides of every pallet wrapped in extraordinary detail, extract label data and log the images in an easy to use cloud based interface, searchable by extracted pallet data, downloadable to any device and ready to be emailed or shared. Multiple data extraction methods available.
  • Custom endpoint design for any part of your packaging line - let us know what you need to know.
  • Hardware installed by and cloud service operated and managed by SWS Packaging.
  • WiFi and cellular options available.
customers say
"They were gentlemen, very customer oriented. They did a great installation, everyone is trained, and all of the teammates are very happy. Thanks for your help." "John, thank you for installing our new Wulftec this week. It is working beautifully, and we are already feeling the productivity gain. I appreciate your customer oriented approach. I look forward to getting local information about setting up preventative maintenance."
Medical Product Supplier
SWS installed their new stretch wrapper and trained their employees on proper use and maintenance of the machine
“It’s quite obvious you guys know your stuff…this machine hasn’t run this well in years & thank you for the work you guys have done for us, we are very very happy – John kicks a**!
Virginia Service Call
After experiencing many film breaks, SWS technician John rebuilt this customers film carriage & reprogrammed the customers film feed system. View full service overview
“Your guys are the real deal…I have seen very few people that could do the work these guys can do and do it in conditions like we have. To say I am impressed would be a complete understatement as to the quality of work performed…WOW. Please make sure they know how impressed we are with them and this machine…tell them again, thank you!”
Central NJ Food Distributor
Installed the complete system in one weekend in a -15° freezer! View the full installation overview
“We purchased our Wulfec SMH-150 with standard base stretch wrapper back in December 2011. It has served us faithfully every work day since we put it into operation in February 2012. It has been used 5-6 days a week almost every week for the last 36 months and has never once let us down. We will wrap anywhere from 20-60 pallets/day with the average being @ 40. We have hit it with our fork trucks but it is so well built that it can take a beating. Our work environment is extremely dusty and dirty but that has not affected our Wulftec at all. We have not performed any maintenance on the machine because it has not needed any.”
Specialized Soil Producer
Years of daily use hasn't slowed down their Wulftec one bit
"Your technicians did a really good job - very professional.  I have detailed reports from them on all jobs they performed and one of them stayed late to make sure everything running okay.  A few additional deficiencies were then discovered, please send me repair quotes and we will schedule repairs. Thank you for very good job!"
Preventative Maintenance
SWS technicians replaced numerous parts and optimized 4 machines from 3 different manufacturers.
“Your recommendation to looking at and finally deciding upon Wulftec equipment has been well received by our workforce, and our on-site customer. The quality of the equipment just jumps out at you when you see it in person. Additionally, the assembly team, led by John Koehler, had a pretty tight timeline of 24 hours to get 6 machines up and running during our down time. John exceeded our expectations. John also was of great value in ensuring everything that was discussed prior to installment was achieved. He also spent a generous amount of time training the end users over 2 shifts the proper use of the equipment, including all safety related features. To say we are happy would be a complete understatement. We now know firsthand the importance of having the equipment installed correctly from the beginning. In our meetings John talked about the “attention to detail” and that clearly is seen in the installation of our Wulftecs.
Logistics Company
It's smooth sailing for this logistics company after SWS removed their old stretch wrappers and installed their new Wulftec fleet
“I just wanted to take the time to reach out and thank you for the professionalism, hard work, and commitment I saw on John Koehler’s part. He maintained communication with me as he prepared to arrive and did a fantastic job in challenging conditions (refrigerated space). The machine will make an incredible impact for our business this season, and his patience, dedication to ensuring everything was set up properly, and easy going demeanor provided me with the confidence to move forward.”
Pharmaceutical Company
SWS makes easy work of cold storage installations
"I just wanted to say thank you and to let you know that the thorough training on the operation and maintenance that John gave us on the Wulftec SML-150 stretch wrap machine was greatly appreciated. He was great!  Took his time and very pleasant. It was a great experience for us and we are looking forward to getting the machine going in our Mexico facility. There are other Wulftec distributors, but none seemed to know their product as well. Just through initial conversations, you had offered some options that others had not which made our purchase the right one with the right options."
Music Equipment Company
John installed the machine and trained this company's employees on operation and maintenance.
meet the team
Based in York, Pennsylvania – SWS started out as a distributor of stretch wrap machines. We install a LOT of wrappers every year, hence the name Stretch Wrap Systems – but have since grown to be distributors and service providers for all types of packaging equipment.

The time and care taken with each of our customer’s projects is what separates us from our competitors. From installation, configuration, and customization – to training and ongoing service support – it’s all in the attention to detail and the willingness to go the extra mile.

We do that, we’ve done it before – we’ll do it for you.
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Parts & Service
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Equipment Specialist
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