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    MEMOS – Machine Efficiency Monitoring Operating System

    Android version coming soon.

    Don’t wait,
    get help FAST.


    The best stretch wrapper technicians in the industry.


    Equipment outages on your warehouse floor can hit your bottom line in a big way.

    Paying for a service technician to visit your facility and diagnose the problem – only to have to come back at a later time to actually fix the issue, can be very costly and shouldn’t be your only option.

    SWS Packaging puts the power in your hands with in-app video support for your equipment.

    Get out ahead of any issues with your machine by allowing SWS to assess the problem before making a visit to your facility.



    No matter where you are or what you are doing, you can check in on your wrapper fleet as well as receive real time notification of inefficient operation.

    If a problem arises, we’re here to help via in app face to face video connection.  Not days or a week later – TODAY.


    With MEMOS, you’re always aware of just how much use your equipment is getting and how much material is consumed – allowing you to manage your fleet with the foresight needed to prevent downtime & maximize output.

    Have the numbers, don’t play guessing games.  You will know how much film your wrapper uses, how much time it operates and how long it will be until the machine needs routine maintenance.

    Receive daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly reports on your fleets film usage and operating time, machine by machine and in total.

    Pallet Imaging

    With the pallet imaging add-on for MEMOS, you can document the entire wrap process for each individual load.

    Perhaps you are shipping very valuable product that happens to go missing or get damaged while in transit to your customer.

    You shouldn’t eat the cost for that.

    Capture all sides of the pallet in extraordinary detail.

    Show that you did indeed ship their pallet as ordered in a high quality and secure manner.  Protect your bottom line!

    Catalog by shipment data

    The pallet imaging add-on for MEMOS gives you the ability to capture photos of all sides of each shipment wrapped by your stretch wrapper and catalog these photos by machine, date and time.

    For larger companies doing larger quotas, this simply isn’t enough.

    With the data logging feature for MEMOS, your valuable label data can be extracted optically, giving you the ability to search through your pallet imaging history based on this extracted data.

    Interested in MEMOS? 

    Send us an email and let’s revolutionize your end of line packaging process, saving you money, time and headaches! 

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