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    Turntable Stretch Wrappers


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    4 products

    • Wulftec WCA-SMART Stretch Wrapper
      Wulftec WCA-SMART Stretch Wrapper

      Wulftec WCA-SMART Automatic Turntable Stretch Wrapper

      The Wulftec WCA-SMART is a conveyorized Automatic Turntable Stretch Wrapper built with a heavy duty all steal construction that can stand up to any environment.   Ideal for applications where saving space is key, the WCA-SMART can handle loads up to 6000lbs with a throughput of up to 70 pallets per hour.  Saving you time and money and getting your product out the door quicker than ever.Wulftec's NO-THREAD pre-stretch carriages come in 20″ & 30″ sizes to meet your application's precise wrapping needs. With a pre-stretch ratio that can go from 50% to 300%, you can rest assured that our technicians will have your Wulftec WCA-SMART dialed in for efficient film use and wrap speed, reducing costs and labor hours. The Wulftec WCA-SMART features a superior electrical design including Allen Bradley MicroLogix PLCs and AC drives, as well as a Allen Bradley PanelView Plus 600 color touch screen interface that our SWS technicians can customize to your needs. Wulftec stretch wrappers are built for speed and durability in any environment and with the WCA-SMART installed and configured by our technicians, your throughput will skyrocket while having peace of mind in knowing that your product will reach its destination while actually cutting your film and labor expenses. Package your products for today.
    • Wulftec WCAT-450
      Wulftec WCAT-450

      Wulftec WCAT-450 Automatic Stretch Wrapper


      High speed quality

      The Wulftec WCAT-450 is a conveyorized automatic rotary arm stretch wrapper combined with a conveyorized turntable, allowing for a number of wrapping options. Switch between rotary arm only wrapping, turntable only wrapping or a combination rotary arm and turntable wrapping process at 45 RPM. Built with a heavy duty all steel construction, the 4 column rotary arm wrapper is a robust machine intended for high speed applications.
    • Wulftec SMH-150 Semi-Automatic Turntable Stretch Wrapper

      The Wulftec SMH-150 Turntable Stretch Wrapper is an ideal space saving solution with a robust, high quality 100% structural steel construction.  The high-profile octagonal turntable is forklift portable from both sides, making it a easily mobile wrapping solution that works well for both small and large operations. Turntable stretch wrappers are a type of stretch wrapping system that utilizes a rotating turntable relative to a vertically rising film carriage attached to the machines tower or "mast".  The SMH-150 features Wulftec's powered NO-THREAD pre-stretch carriage with 20" and 30" options with a carriage drive featuring two #50 carriage chains housed inside the 14 gauge formed steel tower for operator safety. As with all Wulftec machines, the SMH-150 comes with a lifetime warranty on pre-stretch rollers. With a pre-stretch ratio that can go from 50% to 300%, you can rest assured that our technicians will have your SMH-150 carriage dialed in for efficient film use, reducing costs and labor hours. The SMH-150 turntable has a variable speed of 0-16 RPM powered by a 1 HP AC motor with an Allen Bradley variable frequency drive.  The 51" x 51" octagonal turntable is 1/4" thick and stands 13 1/4" off of the ground - utilizing 4 casters with polyurethane coating and tapered roller bearings. Whether small or large, your company will benefit from the small footprint, high mobility and high speed efficiency of the Wulftec SMH-150.

      • Dual turntable

      • Extended wrap height

      • 30" carriage

      • Loading ramps

      • Dual top platens for light or unstable loads