Expert technicians, all encompassing service & robust equipment

Maximizing efficiency and covering all the bases

We do that.

Since 2009 we have been providing expert industrial automation equipment services and high powered, money saving packaging solutions to companies all over the United States and Canada.

Based in York, Pennsylvania – SWS started out as a distributor of stretch wrap machines.  They install hundreds of wrappers each year – hence the name Stretch Wrap Systems.

Since SWS has grown into a provider that can supply companies with the pieces they need to streamline their packaging process – maximizing efficiency, saving money on labor & material and completely revolutionizing their warehouse workflows.

From front-of-line equipment solutions like case erectors, case sealers and labelers, ink jet systems to end-of-line equipment like palletizing systems, stretch wrappers, pallet strappers and more – we do that.

SWS is a team of dedicated technicians and sales representatives all with the specific focus of making our customer’s businesses more profitable, efficient and safe.

Equipment, service, parts and packaging from a company that can lay out all the options and show what you want and contrast it with what you may actually need – we’re here to provide clarity and direction in your packaging pursuits!