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Stretch Wrappers

What is a stretch wrapper?

Stretch wrap is a stretchable polymer film that is wrapped around items.  Stretch wrappers are machines that use this stretch film to wrap objects for shipping and storage.

Stretch wrap machines are key components to end of line packaging chains for warehouses  & distribution centers.  Cutting labor hours and saving the backs of employees; stretch wrappers allow one to drastically improve productivity over hand wrapping, but if configured incorrectly will lead to spending more money and getting less secure pallets than a company may realize.

Not to be confused with a shrink wrapper, a stretch wrapper stretches film firmly around the object, whereas a shrink wrapper applies film loosely around an object and a tight seal is formed using heat.

There are a number of types of stretch wrappers – large and small.  From both low and high profile turntable wrappers – to rotary arm/rotary tower stretch wrappers, conveyorized wrapping solutions and horizontal stretch wrappers.



Recent stretch wrapper installations