Shipping Stuff Without Corner Boards: A Surefire Way to Cut Corners

Don’t cut corners – take that additional step in protecting the integrity of your pallets. The corrugated corner boards we sell are made from high-quality paperboard that provides sturdy support and protection to the edges of your products during transit. They are easy to apply and are available in a range of sizes. By using corrugated corner boards, you can reduce the risk of product damage, returns, and lost sales, while also providing your customers with a high-quality and professional packaging experience.

In addition to our corrugated corner boards, we also offer slip sheets. Slip sheets are light but durable, making them an ideal choice for businesses that need to maximize pallet space and reduce their carbon footprint by eliminating plastic use.

More about corner board and slip sheets

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    Clarksburg, WV – 4/23/21

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    Allentown, PA – 3/25/20

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