Cape May, NJ – 1/30/24

SWS recently assisted in moving this customer’s line and retrofit their system with an advanced safety package including high grade fencing for industrial environments with lockout/tagout gates, light curtain intrusion/state detection, conveyor guards, remote pedestal starter and pedestal quick stops.

Boston, MA – 4/8/23

The SMHPA-200 stretch wrapper is a highly efficient solution designed to streamline and optimize the wrapping process and with this custom speed door implementation, the impressive performance of the SMHPA-200 is made highly secure and safe. Upon pressing the starter, the speed door swiftly closes, securing the area and creating a safe environment for the… Continue reading Boston, MA – 4/8/23

East Hanover, NJ – 2/8/23

Chuck recently installed this light curtain safety package with fencing and light curtain for a customer in New Jersey running the SMHPA-200, which is a high profile turntable stretch wrapper with an automatic film cutter and film clamp.

York, PA – 10/20/21

SWS installed this easy access rider jack ramp and yellow steel safety guarding around this local customer’s existing low profile turntable stretch wrapping unit. Check out the installation archive to learn more about safety options for your packaging line.

Philadelphia, PA – 1/22/21

Safety package retrofit SWS retrofit this customer’s 3 turntable stretch wrappers, two Lantech Q300 and one Highlight Synergy 4 with a turntable safety package with complete safety fencing and zone intrusion photoeyes that shut down the machine if the beam is broken during the wrap cycle.

York, PA – 7/29/20

John Koehler retrofit this customer’s conveyorized Wulftec stretch wrapper with a new light curtain safety package between the wrapper and their palletizer.

York, PA – 6/5/20

Safety Mat Retrofit Weight sensitive mats shut off machine operation if someone or something is on them. Technician: Rich

Fredericksburg, PA – 1/28/20

Safety & Hardware Retrofit Category 3 safety package Light curtains Air dump valve added Lengthened infeed and outfeed conveyors Replacement slip ring for added control wiring Convert incoming and VFD power 480VAC from 240VAC 30″ film carriage with roping Technicians: Andrew, Chuck & Andrew S.

Scranton, PA – 11/25/19

2 Wulftec SML-150 Semi-Automatic Turntable Wrappers Light curtain safety package Safety fencing Remote pedestal Technicians: Rich & Chet

Bronx, NY – 11/1/19

Wrap Zone Laser Protection Prevents operators from entering WRTA wrap zone before cut wipe sequence is finished An audible alarm is sounded and the machine automatically locks out for 3 minutes if the laser is tripped before the wrap cycle is complete. Green and red lights indicate when it is clear to enter the wrap… Continue reading Bronx, NY – 11/1/19

Stroudsburg, PA – 10/24/19

WCRT-175 Conveyorized Rotary Arm Stretch Wrap System Category 3 Safety Upgrade Retrofit Light curtains on infeed and outfeed Air dump solenoid to wrap zone and chain lift conveyors Dual channel E-Stop buttons around entire zone Controls MCRs in both wrapper and conveyor zone panels Fencing around entire system with 4 fence door interlocks Roller type… Continue reading Stroudsburg, PA – 10/24/19

Pittsburgh, PA – 10/22/19

Wulftec WRTA-200 Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper Extended wrap zone for wrapping 8 ft long pallets 12 RPM machine 30″ carriage with banding film device Safety fencing on 3 sides HMI and color coded 6 button lanyard for setting wrap patterns Light beacon on top of machine to alert operators when a machine is in motion… Continue reading Pittsburgh, PA – 10/22/19