Hanover, MD – 2/9/24

The Wulftec SMH-SPL is a versatile and portable wrapping solution with a split base that allows for the wrapping of extra wide loads such as furniture, doors, windows, lumber and more.  With a scale underneath the base of the wrapper this customer can now keep close track of the weights of each load since it… Continue reading Hanover, MD – 2/9/24

Brooklyn, NY – 7/11/23

The WRT-150 is a semi-automatic rotary arm stretch wrapper. Rotary arm wrappers utilize the existing floor space and the WRT-150 is a reasonably mobile wrapping solution that can be repositioned with relative ease when needed. With a high RPM and extended wrap height options available, the WRT-150 is a perfect solution for small to medium… Continue reading Brooklyn, NY – 7/11/23

Middletown, PA – 5/3/23

The SMH-SPL with an integrated scale is the perfect small footprint wrapping solution that offers a BIG range of capabilities. From wrapping normal sized loads up to extra wide loads such as furniture and appliances, these workhorses are designed to handle just about any task you throw at them. With the integrated scale, you can… Continue reading Middletown, PA – 5/3/23

Ambridge, PA – 6/20/23

The SMH-SPL is a split base stretch wrapper that allows wrapping of a range of load sizes and shapes while being extremely light weight and mobile. This system can be used to wrap elongated loads such as furniture with ease while it is also available with extended wrap height options for extra tall loads as… Continue reading Ambridge, PA – 6/20/23

Hanover, PA – 5/10/23

Lane recently installed the small footprint, ultra-portable SMH-150 stretch wrapper for this customer in Hanover, PA. With its small form factor and light weight, this stretch wrapper is highly mobile and can be repositioned with relative ease.

West Point, PA – 4/24/23

Caleb installed these two Wulftec SMH-150 wrappers for a customer in West Point, PA recently. The SMH-150 is a light weight, small footprint semi automatic stretch wrapper than can make quick work of wrapping pallets and is perfect for an environment where forklifts are used. Its size makes it a mobile wrapping solution that can… Continue reading West Point, PA – 4/24/23

Harrisburg, PA – 3/9/23

Luke recently installed this used Handle-It semi-auto turntable and scale for a customer in Harrisburg, PA.  They were looking for a small footprint wrapping solution on a budget and a need to weigh their loads before shipment.

Baltimore, MD – 1/19/23

Luke recently installed four of these SML-150 stretch wrappers for a customer in Baltimore.  With its low profile turntable and portability, these ultralightweight wrappers are the perfect solution for a dynamic facility that needs to reconfigure or adapt to new workflows regularly.

Mountain Top, PA – 1/11/23

These split base stretch wrappers are ideal for wrapping extra wide loads such as furniture, wood, materials such as pipes and other elongated objects.  The small footprint of these units makes them ideal for saving space while also being the best solution for elongated loads.

Stockton, CA – 12/8/22

SWS technician Caleb Duncker installed this pre-owned Wulftec WRT-175 for a customer in Stockton, CA. The WRT-175 is a 3 legged stretch wrapper that straddles the wrap zone, which is the existing floor space. When the wrapper is not in use, this floor space can be traversed by forklifts and pallet jacks.   “I was… Continue reading Stockton, CA – 12/8/22

Gettysburg, PA – 11/10/22

This Wulftec WRT-175 is high speed rotary arm stretch wrapper with a 3 legged straddle design. This customer opted for the patented Rapid Film system for their wrapper, saving them film and helping to prevent toppling and zippering of the film.

Pittsburgh, PA – 10/19/22

The Lantech Q300 is a light weight small footprint semi-automatic stretch wrapping system ideal for small spaces and operations as well as facilities that need a wrapper that can be moved with relative ease.