Hanover, PA – 5/10/23

Lane recently installed the small footprint, ultra-portable SMH-150 stretch wrapper for this customer in Hanover, PA. With its small form factor and light weight, this stretch wrapper is highly mobile and can be repositioned with relative ease.

West Point, PA – 4/24/23

Caleb installed these two Wulftec SMH-150 wrappers for a customer in West Point, PA recently. The SMH-150 is a light weight, small footprint semi automatic stretch wrapper than can make quick work of wrapping pallets and is perfect for an environment where forklifts are used. Its size makes it a mobile wrapping solution that can… Continue reading West Point, PA – 4/24/23

Philadelphia, PA – 6/21/22

This customer’s new Wulftec SMH-150 includes an extended 104″ wrap height for wrapping the extra tall pallets that they ship.

Clarksburg, WV – 4/23/21

System designed and integrated by SWSWulftec WSMH-150Kinesys Robotic Bucket PalletizerOmni staging conveyorCTM Label applicator Buckets are filled, labeled, stacked and wrapped all on one line. Setup for a 4 x 3 by 3 high pattern.

Baltimore, MD – 10/21/20

Two SMH-150 Semi-Automatic High Profile Turntable Wrappers Food distributor 20″ film carriages 80″ wrap height Standard control panel Technician: Rich

Williamsport, PA – 6/16/20

Wulftec SMH-150 Semi-Automatic Turntable Wrapper High profile turntable 20″ film carriage 104″ extended wrap height Technician: John

Baltimore, MD – 6/10/20

SMH-150 Turntable Stretch Wrappers High profile turntables 20″ film carriages Standard control panels Technician: Tiger

Montgomeryville, PA – 5/28/20

Wulftec SMH-150 Semi-Automatic Turntable Wrapper 20″ film carriage Standard control panel 20″ Rapid Bander Attachment Technicians: Andrew, Chet

Leola, PA – 9/10/19

SMH-150 Semi-Automatic Turntable Wrapper Dairy products 20″ carriage Rapid film option Technician: Tiger

York, PA – 2/4/19

SHM-150 Semi-Auto Turntable Stretch Wrapper Convenience Chain Technician: Kyle