Hanover, MD – 2/9/24

The Wulftec SMH-SPL is a versatile and portable wrapping solution with a split base that allows for the wrapping of extra wide loads such as furniture, doors, windows, lumber and more.  With a scale underneath the base of the wrapper this customer can now keep close track of the weights of each load since it… Continue reading Hanover, MD – 2/9/24

Middletown, PA – 5/3/23

The SMH-SPL with an integrated scale is the perfect small footprint wrapping solution that offers a BIG range of capabilities. From wrapping normal sized loads up to extra wide loads such as furniture and appliances, these workhorses are designed to handle just about any task you throw at them. With the integrated scale, you can… Continue reading Middletown, PA – 5/3/23

Ambridge, PA – 6/20/23

The SMH-SPL is a split base stretch wrapper that allows wrapping of a range of load sizes and shapes while being extremely light weight and mobile. This system can be used to wrap elongated loads such as furniture with ease while it is also available with extended wrap height options for extra tall loads as… Continue reading Ambridge, PA – 6/20/23

Mountain Top, PA – 1/11/23

These split base stretch wrappers are ideal for wrapping extra wide loads such as furniture, wood, materials such as pipes and other elongated objects.  The small footprint of these units makes them ideal for saving space while also being the best solution for elongated loads.

Southampton, PA – 2/19/21

The SMH-SPL is a split base high profile turntable stretch wrapper that allows for extra wide pallets to be wrapped with ease.    This unit includes an integrated scale option and has a load capacity of 5000lbs.

Tipton, PA – 1/20/21

The SMH-SPL is a split base turntable wrapping option that allows for the wrapping of wider loads.  Furniture, lumber and many other products exceed the dimensions of a typical pallet and an extended wrap zone is needed.  This unit includes a custom scale option beneath the split base which does not inhibit the users ability… Continue reading Tipton, PA – 1/20/21

Irwin, PA – 1/13/21

The split base; for extra space The SMH-SPL being a split base machine typically allows for plenty of extra space for wrapping wider loads, but this unit also features a 6′ turntable for supporting and wrapping even wider loads.  With the wrap zone enclosed in safety fencing to protect people entering the room and a pedestal… Continue reading Irwin, PA – 1/13/21

Lakewood, NJ – 12/15/20

SMH-SPL Split Base Turntable Stretch Wrapper 20″ film carriage with top mount photo eye Split base high profile turntable wrapper 48″ x 48″ scale deck installed under turntable and scale indicator mounted on machine tower above control panel Roping bar at bottom of the tower to ensure strength of wrapped load to pallet. Technician: Matt

Hatfield, PA – 6/17/20

SMH-SPL Split Base Turntable Stretch Wrapper After market scale package Oversized turntable 30″ film carriage Rapid bander film Deluxe control panel 6 button pattern selection lanyard Technician: Andrew

Williamsport, MD – 1/31/20

SMH-SPL Split Based Semi-Automatic Turntable 30″ No-Thread Powered Pre-Stretch with adaptor for 20″ film Manually adjustable dual roping bar Upgraded control panel from Basic to Standard Plus (with password lockout) 60″ round turntable Carriage roller extension for long loads Technician: Tiger

Glen Burnie, MD – 9/18/19

SMH-SPL Split Base Semi-Automatic Turntable Wrapper Logistics company Split base machine set up for wrapping long pallets.  Table is left not anchored for adjustment according to pallet size. 20″ carriage Basic control panel Standard height machine Technician: Matt

York, PA – 10/25/18

SMH-SPL Split Base Semi-Automatic Turntable Stretch Wrapper Fabric Manufacturer Split base 72″ turntable on a platform scale 30″ carriage Panel view screen 6 button lanyard Technician: Kyle

Pittsburgh, PA – 9/27/18

SMH-HVY Split Base Turntable Stretch Wrapper & Top Sheet Dispenser Industrial Supply Company Split base machine High profile turntable 8000lb load capacity Pull cord starter Technician: Kyle

Central, PA – 5/4/18

SMH-SPL Semi-Automatic Turntable Wrapper Window manufacturer 30″ carriage Password protected panel view screen Wrap pattern selector Banding film/device for super strength Oversized turntable 10,000 LB scale Wrapping loads from 40″ x 48″ to up to 11 ft long Technicians: Andrew & Tiger “I would like to let you know that I am very impressed with… Continue reading Central, PA – 5/4/18

Central PA – 12/12/16

Wulftec SMH-SPL Semi-Automatic Turntable Stretch Wrapper SWS technician Tiger installed this new SMH-SPL turntable stretch wrapper with a 30″ stretch film carriage.  This small footprint split base stretch wrapper is outfitted with a floor mounted scale and digital readout. 30″ film carriage Floor mounted scale Digital scale readout Small footprint split base design Technician: Tiger

Central PA – 7/22/16

Andrew installed this Wulftec SMH-SPL Turntable Stretch Wrapper with a 30″ carriage and an additional scale package for a company in central Pennsylvania. The top mounted scale display shows the weight of the current pallet on the turntable.  The SMH-SPL has a 5000lb pallet weight capacity. Basic control panel 30″ carriage Scale package Technician: Andrew

York, PA – 2/09/16

SWS technician Andrew installed and customized this used split base machine, removing the base and adding a scale. WHP-150 20″ carriage 48 x 48 scale with printer Custom split base Technician: Andrew