Boston, MA – 4/8/23

The SMHPA-200 stretch wrapper is a highly efficient solution designed to streamline and optimize the wrapping process and with this custom speed door implementation, the impressive performance of the SMHPA-200 is made highly secure and safe. Upon pressing the starter, the speed door swiftly closes, securing the area and creating a safe environment for the… Continue reading Boston, MA – 4/8/23

East Hanover, NJ – 2/8/23

Chuck recently installed this light curtain safety package with fencing and light curtain for a customer in New Jersey running the SMHPA-200, which is a high profile turntable stretch wrapper with an automatic film cutter and film clamp.

Middletown, PA – 9/9/22

The SMHPA is a high profile turntable wrapper with a film clamp and automatic film cutting system that cuts the film after the wrap sequence and applies it to the side of the load.

Vineland, NJ – 12/10/21

SMHPA-200 Automatic Turntable Stretch Wrapper 30″ film carriage Deluxe Control Panel 6 button lanyard wrap pattern selector

Bedford, PA – 1/21/21

Kyle installed this SMHPA-200 at a customer’s facility in Bedford, PA.¬† The SMHPA-200 is a high profile turntable stretch wrapper with an automatic film clamp and cut and wipe system with the same small footprint and load capacity as the SMH-200 which is not automatic.

New Castle, DE – 1/8/21

SMHPA-200 Automatic Turntable Wrapper High profile turntable Automatic cut wipe 30″ film carriage Standard control panel Technician: Chuck

Hunt Valley, MD – 7/28/20

SMHPA-200 High Profile Automatic Turntable Stretch Wrappers 20″ carriages Extended wrap height Standard control panels Pull cord starters Air conditioned control panels Technician: Andrew

Detroit, MI – 6/15/20

SMHPA-200 Automatic Turntable Wrapper 30″ carriage running 20″ film After market scale package Automatic cut wipe Standard control panel Technician: Kyle

State College, PA – 2/14/20

SMHPA-200 Turntable Stretch Wrapper Lighting fixtures Automatic cut wipe 30″ film carriage HMI touch screen Lanyard wrap cycle selector Technician: Tiger

Chambersburg, PA – 1/9/19

SMHPA-200 Automatic Turntable Wrapper Distribution center This distribution center in central Pennsylvania has transitioned to using their new SMHPA-200 as their main stretch wrapper on their floor. The high profile Wulftec turntable stretch wrapper securely wraps pallets at a much higher rate than their conveyor fed Lantech turntable wrapper. 20″ carriage Automatic cut wipe Standard… Continue reading Chambersburg, PA – 1/9/19

Central NJ – 12/3/18

SMHPA-200 Automatic Turntable Wrappers Two machines installed 30″ carriages Banding film options Panel view screens Lanyard wrap pattern selector 3-side safety mats Dual roping Custom rope program to rope over the top of the load Technicians: John & Chuck

Newark, DE – 4/5/17

Wulftec SMHPA-200 Turntable Stretch Wrapper 30″ carriage Panelview screen 6 button lanyard for wrap pattern selection Film clamp Cut & wipe Technician:¬†Rich

Northern PA – 3/3/17

Wulftec SMHPA-200 30″ carriage Deluxe panel 6 button pattern selector lanyard 30″ Banding Device Tech Andrew

Southern PA – 10/28/16

Wulftec SMHPA Automatic Turntable Stretch Wrapper Set to wrap products that need ventilation, bagged products, and boxes both heavy and light.

New Jersey – 12/29/15

Wulftec SMLPA-200 Automatic Turntable Pallet Wrapper

Stretch Wrap Systems installed this Wulftec SMLPA-200 Automatic Turntable Pallet Wrapper in New Jersey with a 30″ carriage and forklift ramp SMLPA 200-S Standard control panel 30″ Carriage Forklift Ramp Technician: Andrew

Eastern NJ – 9/10/15

SWS tech Andrew installs WSMHPA 300 in Eastern New Jersey 30″ Carriage Pull start lanyard Lead Tech: Andrew