South Central PA – 2/7/22

This SML-200 is a pit mounted turntable wrapping solution that allows for easy use with hand and rider jacks, and includes an integrated scale for convenient load management.

Harmony, PA – 12/22/20

SML-200 Semi-Automatic Turntable Wrapper 20″ carriage Pit surrounded plates Custom panel cover Custom film cutter Technician: John Koehler

Philadelphia, PA – 4/12/17

This pit mounted SML-200 Stretch Wrapper and scale is an ultra low profile wrapping solution allowing access for not only fork lifts but hand jacks as well and freeing up valuable floor space for warehouse traffic. Wulftec SML-200 Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper Pit mounted machine with scale Panelview screen for wrap patterns Variable prestretch adjustments in… Continue reading Philadelphia, PA – 4/12/17

E. Pennsylvania – 2/22/17

SWS technician Tiger was in eastern PA installing this customer’s new SML-200 Semi Automatic Turntable Stretch Wrapper.  The SML-200 is a low-profile, small footprint wrapping option that is ideal for tight spaces. SML-200 20″ carriage Lead tech: Tiger

Central PA – 2/17/17

Wulftec SML-200 Semi-Automatic Turntable Stretch Wrapper & Scale The small footprint SML-200 offers a robust but compact wrapping solution for just about any application.  With an integrated scale, this customer can sure of exactly what’s going out their door. SML-200 with scale Wrap & weigh 20″ carriage Lead tech: Tiger

Northern, VA – 12/2/16

Wulftec SML-200 Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper SWS tech Tiger was in Virginia installing and training the employees on their new pallet wrapper. 20″ carriage Loading ramp Top platen Technician: Tiger

Western PA – 10/13/16

SWS technician Andrew retrofit this machine with a slim profile 20″ film carriage. The slim design increases the wrap zone diameter, accommodating slightly oversized pallets. Freezer application Technician: Andrew