Brooklyn, NY – 7/11/23

The WRT-150 is a semi-automatic rotary arm stretch wrapper. Rotary arm wrappers utilize the existing floor space and the WRT-150 is a reasonably mobile wrapping solution that can be repositioned with relative ease when needed. With a high RPM and extended wrap height options available, the WRT-150 is a perfect solution for small to medium… Continue reading Brooklyn, NY – 7/11/23

Pittsburgh, PA – 3/3/22

This customer’s WRT-150 features a 180 degree swivel base that allows the machine to be used on each of its custom low pass height conveyors with an integrated control package. With a 30″ film carriage, extended wrap height of 104 inches and the patented Rapid Film system, this wrapper is already boosting this customer’s production… Continue reading Pittsburgh, PA – 3/3/22

Lebanon, PA – 3/1/22

This WRT-150 is just what this local food producer needed. The semi-automatic wrapper features an open wrap zone, allowing for the free flow of people and product through the area when the wrapper is not in use.

Pittsburgh, PA – 1/15/21

Once again, the WRTA-150 is the perfect fit This distributor of home improvement products is reaping the benefits of the small footprint/big output capacity of the WRTA-150.  With a 50 load per minute production rate and an unlimited load weight given that the floor is the wrap zone – the WRTA-150 is a beast of… Continue reading Pittsburgh, PA – 1/15/21

Irwin, PA – 1/13/21

The WRT-150 is the semi-automatic little brother to the WRTA-150. The low footprint stretch wrapper is enclosed in safety fencing.

State College, PA – 2/19/20

WRTA-150 Rotary Arm Stretch Wrappers (3) SML-150-B Turntable Stretch Wrapper Food Distribution 30″ film carriages Technician: Tiger

Greenfield, MA – 6/5/19

WRT-150 Semi-Automatic Rotary Arm Wrapper 30″ carriage Deluxe control panel Extended wrap height Oversized wrap diameter Audible flashing alarms 30″ banding film 8 RPM Lead Tech: Andrew

Philadelphia – 3/7/19

WRT-150 Semi-Auto Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper Irrigation systems and appliances 30″ carriage Pit scale Technicians: Rich & Chuck

York, PA – 12/7/18

WRT-150 Semi-Automatic Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper Andrew was here in York, PA today moving and reinstalling a customer’s time tested Wulftec WRT-150. 30″ carriage 12 RPM Technician: Andrew

New Jersey – 9/17/18

WRT-150 Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper Textile Manufacturer This customer never had a stretch wrapper before.  They had been loading pallets by hand, strapping and wrapping by hand as well. The customer’s application requires a start and stop process to wrap each individual tier of the pallet. With the banding device option, they are able to… Continue reading New Jersey – 9/17/18

Central NJ – 8/8/18

Used WRT-150 Semi-Automatic Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper Food distributor 30″ carriage Extended wrap height Standard control panel with wrap settings inside panel Technician: Andrew

Southern NJ – 7/16/18

Used WRT-150 Semi-Automatic Rotary Arm Wrapper Food Distributor Banding device/film Breathable film for produce Technician: Tiger

Western PA – 8/10/17

SWS installed these two WRT-150 Rotary Arm Stretch Wrappers with low pass and incline belt conveyors for Pennsylvania mulch producer. 30″ carriages Banding option Incline belt conveyors Low pass conveyors Technician: Kyle

Eastern PA – 7/31/17

SWS tech Tiger installed two Wulftec WRT-150 Semi Automatic Rotary Arm Stretch Wrappers for this customer in eastern Pennsylvania. 30″ carriages HMI Touch Panel Pattern selection lanyards Technician: Tiger

Fredericksburg, PA – 6/5/17

Wulftec WRT-150 Semi-Automatic Rotary Arm Wrapper 30″ carriage Customers 2nd unit on this dock Technicians: Rich & Matt

Pittsburgh, PA – 3/10/17

Wulftec WRT-150 Semi Automatic Wrapper Integrated manual wrapping conveyor controls Operator control panel for complete control of the incline conveyor Gravity outfeed section Technician: John