Altoona, PA – 7/8/16

SWS technicians Rich & Matt installed this Altoona, PA manufacturer’s new Wulftec WRT-200 with custom white paint. With a 30″ carriage, 104″ wrap height and 116″ wrap diameter – the customer is able to secure large loads. Wulftec WRT-200 Stretch Wrapper Custom paint 116″ wrap diameter 104″ wrap height 30″ carriage Pull cord and film clip Technicians: Rich… Continue reading Altoona, PA – 7/8/16

Pittsburgh, PA – 6/24/16

SWS technicians Rich & Matt were in Pittsburgh installing 4 Wulftec WRT-150 Semi-Auto Rotary Arm Stretch Wrappers for a food distribution company.  With 30″ carriages on all of the machines the company is maximizing their film coverage and with one machine standing at a 92″ wrap height, the customer has made sure they can wrap… Continue reading Pittsburgh, PA – 6/24/16

Pittsburgh, PA – 8/26/15

SWS installed a pre owned WRT 200 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 104″ wrap height 104″ wrap diameter Rapid Film Lead Tech: Tiger