Marion, OH – 3/3/22

SWS Packaging converted this customer’s WRTA-175 to a true fully automatic system in a conveyorized WCRT-175. With a 30″ film carriage, extended wrap height and the addition of a conveyor line, appropriate programming for the HMI & PLC and additional entry sensors for safety, this WRTA turned WCRT is now more efficient and dependable than… Continue reading Marion, OH – 3/3/22

Allentown, PA – 3/18/20

WRTA-175 Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper & Wulftec Strapper Relocated customer’s strapper Installed WRTA-175 Top platen 30″ carriage Dual roping carriage Cart holding pneumatic clamp 17 RPM Techncians: Andrew & Chet

Bronx, NY – 3/16/18

Wulftec WRTA-175 Rotary Arm Wrappers Food distributor Automatic cut wipe Panel view screen 12 RPM w/ 9 button lanyards 30″ carriage Installed side by side for use with double jack set up Technicians: Matt & Tiger