Kinesys Robotic Palletizer

Kinesys Automation palletizers are extremely compact and economical palletizing options that offer a footprint as small as 7′ x 7′.  Single palletizers are capable of stacking multiple types of containers and up to 30 containers per minute with a lift capacity of up to 5000lbs.

Interchangeable pick up heads
Tool-less changeovers between pick-up heads to accommodate different size containers.
Safety light curtains
Light curtains integrated into the frame of the machine for added safety.
Safety doors
E-Stop integrated poly-carbonate (or other material) safety doors with available lock-out/tag-out system.
Pallet guides
Tool-less change-over to accommodate up to 4 custom pallet sizes.
Handle detector/Pail rotator
Detects handle and rotates pail into the correct orientation before palletizing.
Custom pallet designer software
Pallet design software built directly into the HMI for “on the spot” custom stack patterns.
Fully automatic pallet conveyors
Finished pallets are automatically ejected while empty pallets are introduced.
Mobile compact design
Fitted with wheels, palletizer can be integrated to service multiple production lines.
Explosion proof
Designed to accommodate customer’s specific explosion proof rating and safety requirements.