safety is everything

Intrusion Detection

We offer a range of intrusion detecton solutions which allow for an open flow of people or product while providing highly accurate intrusion detection to mitigate the risk of injury, death or damaged equipment. From advanced safety light curtains to photo eye configurations and laser based systems - SWS can integrate any of these with your existing packaging line to provide the highest degree of intrusion detection possible.

Audible & Visual Alarms

Warehouses and production environments can be very noisy at times and it is crucial that one is aware of their surroundings when carrying out tasks in the proximity of running equipment. Integrating audible alarms into your packaging line can provide valuable awareness to workers within the area while visual alarm light systems can inform hearing impaired individuals and provide workers not in the immediate vicinity with cues as to the operating state of the packaging line and inform their decisions.


Safety fencing is possibly the simplest, most practical and most reliable safety solution for a packaging line - with sections coming in many different sizes and shapes, allowing them to be placed in a wide array of configurations around any piece of your packaging line. While sensors are a powerful safety solution where an open flow of product or people is needed, fencing is a very desirable solution at any other part of the line.

Quick stop fence gates

Even with a fully automatic system, direct access to the machine is often necessary. Quick stop gate latches for safety fencing configurations are an essential piece of the puzzle. It is one thing to place fencing around your equipment, preventing collisions with equipment and other accidents, but it is another thing entirely to prevent human error.

With quick stop gate latches a system is immediately shut off when the gate is opened, eliminating the possibility of injury or worse when someone needs direct access to automatic equipment.

Quick Stop Floor Mats

Quick stop safety mats are extremely durable floor mounted sensors that operate as an emergency stop switch.

Drive a lift right over them and load the wrapper with confidence. If anything steps, rolls or falls into the wrap zone during the the wrapping sequence the machine will stop.