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Greenville, SC – 9/14/20

Wulftec load transfer system feeding WCA-SMART Conveyorized Automatic Turntable Wrapper

Pallets of product are loaded onto the system by an AGV.  The product travels through the system and is depalletized.  Empty trays are then sent to the wrapper to have a topsheet applied and wrapped.  The load is then picked up by another AGV to be sent back to the warehouse.

In cycle topsheeter
Category 3 light curtains
Two load transfers for depalletization
Elevated belt conveyor for removal of wrap before loads are sent through the system
Pallet profile check to prevent oversized pallets from entering the automated warehouse racking
Pallet centering device to perfectly place the pallets to be picked up by an AGV
Remote motor disconnect panels
Technician: Rich