Lancaster, PA – 5/16/24

This customer opted for not one but two Wulftel SMLPA-200 automatic turntable stretch wrappers with 30″ film carriages, HMI touchscreen control panels and automatic cut/wipe apparatus. The SMLPA-200 provides a powerful wrapping solution with the convenience of automatic features typically part of larger systems in a small and portable stretch wrapping unit.

Pittsburgh, PA – 5/15/24

This customer wraps non standard loads of up to 24′ long shipping crates. These crates need to be wrapped and secured horizontally rather than vertically like with traditionally sized loads. This Highlight Revolver 9020 is a 90″ horizontal ring wrapper that is integrated with the customer’s existing complex conveyor system and saves the customer over… Continue reading Pittsburgh, PA – 5/15/24

Thomasville, PA – 3/22/24

This Wulftec WCRT-200 is a high powered automatic wrapping solution that allows for the queing of loads on the infeed and outfeed conveyors. Additionally, this unit includes a inline topsheet applicator and heat sealer.

South Brunswick, NJ – 3/12/24

This is this customers third WCRT-200 that we’ve installed in just a few weeks. They’ve opted for these powerful workhorse machines to replace the antiquated stretch wrappers that they had previously been using.

South Brunswick, NJ – 3/7/24

This is the second of three WCRT-200 conveyorized stretch wrappers that this customer has bought. The WCRT-200 is a robust wrapping solution an infeed and outfeed conveyor that allow for the queuing of pallets to be wrapped and conversely picked up on the other side. A truly fully automatic and hands free approach to wrapping.

South Brunswick, NJ – 2/22/24

The WCRT-200’s performance speaks for itself and it didn’t take much convincing for this customer to choose the ultra high throughput wrapping solution from Wulftec for their facility. With a capacity of around 100 loads per hour, this system is designed for speed and flexibility as it can quickly wrap pallets while also allowing for… Continue reading South Brunswick, NJ – 2/22/24

New Holland, PA – 2/16/24

This customer needed an efficient machine for wrapping industrial materials in a fast paced production environment – something like the WCRT-200 with an infeed and outfeed conveyor that allows the queing of multiple pallets. Capable of wrapping up to and in some cases over 100 loads per hour, the WCRT-200 is a dependable workhorse for… Continue reading New Holland, PA – 2/16/24

Cherry Hill, NJ – 2/5/24

This customer went with the workhorse WRTA-150, a high speed rotary arm stretch wrapper built by Wulftec that is extremely versatile. From short, wide and heavy to tall narrow and lightweight – its capable of meeting the requirements of almost any situation. With a 30″ film carriage and the existing floor space as its wrap… Continue reading Cherry Hill, NJ – 2/5/24

Chicago, IL – 1/19/24

SWS recently installed two 30RPM upgrades on this customers Wulftec machines. The upgrades allow the machines to reach new levels of efficiency, upping productivity significantly be providing the fastest possible wrap time and moe secure loads possible. In addition to the 30RPM upgrades, each machine received a roping upgrade as well, which creates strong ropes… Continue reading Chicago, IL – 1/19/24

Denver, CO – 1/18/24

The Wulftec WCA-SMART is highly efficient – capable of 70 loads per hour without operator intervention. Extremely safe, the enclosed automatic system takes queued pallets on the infeed, wraps them, cuts the film and then moves them the outfeed for pickup. Operators can queue multiple pallets on one end and go about their tasks knowing… Continue reading Denver, CO – 1/18/24

Ruther Glen, VA – 11/17/23

The significant acquisition of seven Wulftec WRTA-150 stretch wrappers by a forward-thinking customer for their Virginia facility represents a transformative leap in their operational capabilities. These machines, known for their robustness and efficiency, are set to revolutionize the customer’s wrapping and distribution processes. The WRTA-150 models are renowned for their rapid and reliable performance in… Continue reading Ruther Glen, VA – 11/17/23

Fredericksburg, PA – 11/7/23

In a recent project at a facility in Fredericksburg, PA, our team at SWS Packaging delivered a customized conveyor system designed to enhance the operational efficiency of the packaging line. The system controls 38 individual conveyor sections, each capable of running both forward and reverse, allowing for manual operation to suit the specific needs of… Continue reading Fredericksburg, PA – 11/7/23