Bronx, NY – 6/15/22

This customer needed a massive expansion of their stretch wrapping capabilities to keep up with demand. They opted for 10 Wulftec WRTA-200 stretch wrappers. Each fenced in safety cell encloses two wrappers running at 30 RPM with 30″ film carriages for maximum coverage of each pallet. With the wrap zone of a WRTA-200 being the… Continue reading Bronx, NY – 6/15/22

Florida, NY – 6/9/22

A few years back this customer came to us in need of a work horse stretch wrapping system that would hold up for years to come. Now they’ve grown and moved a few doors down to a larger space. SWS paid a visit to their facility and made quick work of the machine move.

Fredericksburg, PA – 4/14/22

This customer needs to wrap pallets of large, heavy buckets full of liquid that flow from an existing conveyor line. The WCRT-175 is the high efficiency solution they were looking for with a production rate of up to 60 loads per hour. This integrated conveyorized stretch wrapper streamlines an otherwise time consuming and in some… Continue reading Fredericksburg, PA – 4/14/22

Ashland, VA – 3/18/22

The Wulftec WRWA-200 is a new approach to an age old problem in the industry – wrapping elongated and oversized pallets of things such as lumber, windows, doors, pipes, textiles and more. Often requiring wrapping to be properly shipped but are not easily wrapped without back breaking manual labor, these items call for a unique… Continue reading Ashland, VA – 3/18/22

Marion, OH – 3/3/22

SWS Packaging converted this customer’s WRTA-175 to a true fully automatic system in a conveyorized WCRT-175. With a 30″ film carriage, extended wrap height and the addition of a conveyor line, appropriate programming for the HMI & PLC and additional entry sensors for safety, this WRTA turned WCRT is now more efficient and dependable than… Continue reading Marion, OH – 3/3/22

Harrisburg, PA – 2/25/22

This customer in Harrisburg, PA needed two of their WRTA-150 wrappers with pit mounted scales relocated as they were moving facilities. The WRTA-150 is a workhorse system suitable for numerous environments and workflows. These systems in particular feature 30″ film carriages with the patented Rapid Film attachment.

Newtown, CT – 11/11/21

This unique turntable stretch wrapper features a conveyorized turntable and small outfeed conveyor section. The wrapped pallet waits on this outfeed conveyor as the new pallet arrives from upstream in the packaging line. With the automatic cut/wipe system and film clamp, a steady flow of pallets is maintained.

Newark, NJ – 11/9/21

Wulftec WCA-SMART 20″ film carriage custom safety package light curtain lightcurtain safety fencing

Hanover, PA – 10/23/21

This local food producer previously purchased a semi-automatic Wulftec stretch wrapping system that they later decided would be more useful as a completely automatic system. SWS Packaging has a lot of experience in such conversions. John quickly had this WRT running with a complete film cutting and wiping configuration. If you have an existing semi-automatic… Continue reading Hanover, PA – 10/23/21