Without ink and labels in the packaging and shipping industry – your food would turn into a culinary Russian roulette, where every meal is a surprise.

Inkjet printers have become a valuable tool for the shipping and packaging industries due to their ability to print information such as expiration dates, lot numbers, and barcodes on various materials. This information is critical for inventory management, allowing companies to track and manage their products effectively. Inkjet printers can produce high-quality, durable prints that resist fading and smudging, ensuring that the labels remain legible and intact during transportation and storage. By using inkjet printers to print these labels, companies can save time, reduce errors, and improve their overall productivity.

Sticker labels have numerous applications in the packaging industry, from individual product labels applied to bottles and containers to the ultra important shipping labels placed on boxes. These labels can be used to provide information about the product, including its name, weight, ingredients, and usage instructions. They can also be used to indicate handling instructions, such as “Fragile” or “This End Up,” and to comply with regulatory requirements, such as listing hazardous materials. Additionally, sticker labels can be used for promotional purposes, including special offers or limited edition releases, creating brand recognition, and helping products stand out on crowded store shelves.

  • Baltimore, MD – 4/2/19

    Baltimore, MD – 4/2/19

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    Ink Jet Printer – New Jersey