Mechanicsburg, PA – 7/22/23

SWS recently installed this BestPack CSF 222 for a customer in central Pennsylvania. The CSF is a fully automatic random case sealer that accepts random sized cartons and closes all four top case flaps then seals the case with 3″ tape. The overall system has a small footprint, taking up roughly 8′ feet in length.

Central NJ – 3/16/20

IPG WAT Case Sealers We’ve installed 5 of these WAT units over the past 2 months.  Many facilities are looking to cut their use of plastic and hot melt tapes and this water activated tape is paper based so it is a great replacement. Technician: Matt

Birmingham, AL – 8/23/19

IPG WAT Random Case Sealer Cosmetics 3″ water activated tape head to seal top and bottom of container HMI for control adjustment of machine and manual functions Machine was placed in a conveyor line for outgoing shipment. We removed the only pressure sensitive tape machine that was there, modified the conveyor slightly, and moved the new… Continue reading Birmingham, AL – 8/23/19

Baltimore, MD – 4/2/19

Eastey Case Sealer SquidInk SQ2 InkJet Labeler Dairy Products SWS Packaging removed the customer’s old case sealer and installed their new Eastey model between a fill station conveyor and a palletizer conveyor.  Leveled to height for their existing setup. This machine is running a tape head that can seal boxes using up to 3″ wide… Continue reading Baltimore, MD – 4/2/19

Hagerstown, MD – 3/26/19

3M Case Sealers Install, start-up and training on (2) 3M case sealers Sealer uses photoeye on conveyor to sense box and automatically releases centering guides to allow tape to seal in the center of the box every time. Seals front and back edge Possible retrofit in the future to add a start/stop pedestal to opposite… Continue reading Hagerstown, MD – 3/26/19