Fredericksburg, PA – 11/7/23

In a recent project at a facility in Fredericksburg, PA, our team at SWS Packaging delivered a customized conveyor system designed to enhance the operational efficiency of the packaging line. The system controls 38 individual conveyor sections, each capable of running both forward and reverse, allowing for manual operation to suit the specific needs of… Continue reading Fredericksburg, PA – 11/7/23

Wharton, NJ – 5/20/22

This beverage plant in Wharton, NJ needed a number of new conveyor sections at their facility. 25 VFDs and 15 conveyor sections in this tear down and installation. In 6 months there will be a second phase of this process that includes a new stretch wrapper.

Clarksburg, WV – 4/23/21

System designed and integrated by SWSWulftec WSMH-150Kinesys Robotic Bucket PalletizerOmni staging conveyorCTM Label applicator Buckets are filled, labeled, stacked and wrapped all on one line. Setup for a 4 x 3 by 3 high pattern.