Oklahoma – 1/29/19

WVAR-9460 Strapper & WCRT-200 Stretch Wrapper Wood products Bunk/battan inserter Automatic cut wipe Panel view screen offers 25 unique wrap & strap patterns for a wide range of load shapes and sizes. Technicians: John, Kyle, Chuck

Oregon – 12/10/18

Wulftec WVAR 9440 Pallet Strapper Wood product manufacturer SWS integrated this strapper with the customer’s existing conveyor system to strap large stacks of wood. Technician: John

Allentown, PA – 11/8/18

Wulftec WVAR-9440 Side Seal Strapping Station Safety fencing Light curtain safety kit Side sealing strapper Technician: Tiger

N. New York – 3/17/17

Wulftec WVAR-9460 Automatic Strapper Receiving from automatic can stacker Four way automatic pallet strapping system Light curtain safety Safety fencing Technician: Rich

Northwest PA – 8/18/16

SWS technicians Rich and Andrew completed a multi day installation of a Wulftec VarioMaster 9460 automatic pallet strapping machine for a customer in northwestern Pennsylvania. The VarioMaster Pallet Strapper is a conveyor line integrated pallet strapping solution with a production rate of 100 pallets per hour. Wulftec VarioMaster 9460 Pallet Strapping System Multi-day installation Technicians:… Continue reading Northwest PA – 8/18/16