Florida, NY – 6/9/22

A few years back this customer came to us in need of a work horse stretch wrapping system that would hold up for years to come. Now they’ve grown and moved a few doors down to a larger space. SWS paid a visit to their facility and made quick work of the machine move.

Harrisburg, PA – 2/25/22

This customer in Harrisburg, PA needed two of their WRTA-150 wrappers with pit mounted scales relocated as they were moving facilities. The WRTA-150 is a workhorse system suitable for numerous environments and workflows. These systems in particular feature 30″ film carriages with the patented Rapid Film attachment.

Carlisle, PA – 5/11/21

This distribution center needed a wrapping solution that could keep up with their robotic carts buzzing about throughout the warehouse. The WRTA-150 is the perfect solution, with a 30″ film carriage that provides an optimum wrapping time and a 12 RPM arm, this machine is the workhorse they needed. WRTA-150 12RPM HMI + 6 button… Continue reading Carlisle, PA – 5/11/21

Reading, PA – 4/1/21

This food distributor in Reading, PA has found the Wulftec WRTA-150 to be the perfect solution for their fast paced environment. Because the existing floor space is used as the wrap zone, the load remains stationary throughout the wrap process – making the WRTA the ideal solution for wrapping tall lightweight loads.

Mechanicsburg, PA – 3/31/21

The rotary tower design of the WRTA-150 stretch wrapper is a time tested design that is suitable for numerous applications because of the system utilizing existing floor space for the wrap zone. This leaves the wrap zone floor space open when the wrapper is not operating. The WRTA-150 is a wrapper with a small footprint… Continue reading Mechanicsburg, PA – 3/31/21

Lancaster, PA – 2/26/21

The WRTA-150 is a workhorse and this customer now understands precisely why it is our favorite stretch wrapping solution.  It is simply the most versatile and cost effective solution out there. This unit features a HMI touchscreen with 3 pre-configured wrap patterns and cabinet mounted tension and speed potentiometers that allow for finer grain control… Continue reading Lancaster, PA – 2/26/21

Vineland, NJ – 2/5/21

This WRTA-150 and it’s wrap zone are almost completely enclosed with safety fencing and protected with a lightcurtain safety package. The lanyard wrap pattern selector allows the operator to select a pattern and start the wrap sequence from outside the safety fencing. The integrated Wulftec scale displays the weight on the digital readout attached to… Continue reading Vineland, NJ – 2/5/21

Newark, NJ – 2/2/21

This customer opted for the 92″ extended wrap height on this Wulftec WRTA-150 as they often wrap very tall pallets.  With an integrated scale with guarding in the wrap zone and a 6 button lanyard wrap pattern selector, this was precisely what they needed.

South Bend, IN – 12/30/20

WRTA-150 Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper 30″ carriage Automatic cut and wipe Touch Screen Control Panel Technician: Kyle

Bethlehem, PA – 12/15/20

WRTA-150 Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper Automatic cut wipe 30″ film carriage Basic control panel Technician: Kyle