Cherry Hill, NJ – 2/5/24

This customer went with the workhorse WRTA-150, a high speed rotary arm stretch wrapper built by Wulftec that is extremely versatile. From short, wide and heavy to tall narrow and lightweight – its capable of meeting the requirements of almost any situation. With a 30″ film carriage and the existing floor space as its wrap… Continue reading Cherry Hill, NJ – 2/5/24

Ruther Glen, VA – 11/17/23

The significant acquisition of seven Wulftec WRTA-150 stretch wrappers by a forward-thinking customer for their Virginia facility represents a transformative leap in their operational capabilities. These machines, known for their robustness and efficiency, are set to revolutionize the customer’s wrapping and distribution processes. The WRTA-150 models are renowned for their rapid and reliable performance in… Continue reading Ruther Glen, VA – 11/17/23

Ruther Glen, VA – 8/31/23

A customer in Virginia recently invested in two WRTA-150 stretch wrappers to enhance their facility’s operational efficiency. Equipped with 30″ film carriages, intuitive HMI touch screen control panels and automatic film cutting, these stretch wrappers are designed to provide both reliability and ease of use. The addition of these machines will not only speed up… Continue reading Ruther Glen, VA – 8/31/23

Duncansville, PA – 8/21/23

This poultry plant moves a lot of product daily, and the WRTA-150 is the perfect match for their workload and space requirements. The rotary arm stretch wrapper is the perfect solution for wrapping tall and light weight pallets while also excelling with standard sized pallets as well. Utilizing the existing floor space as its wrap… Continue reading Duncansville, PA – 8/21/23

Haltom City, TX – 7/27/23

SWS recently installed these two Wulftec WRTA-150 at a facility in Haltom City, TX. The WRTA-150 are among are favorite and most commonly sold machines because they are so applicable to so many situations and have a very small footprint despite their high throughput and workhorse capability. With two of these, this customer will be… Continue reading Haltom City, TX – 7/27/23

Avondale, AZ – 4/19/23

This customer needed 5 WRTA-150 wrappers with extended wrap height and a boosted film clamp and carriage so they can wrap pallets atop of AMRs or Autonomous Mobile Robots.  The AMRs will bring a pallet to the wrapper, start the wrapper and then leave with the wrap load after the wrap sequence is completed.

High Point, NC – 1/6/23

This is the second WRTA-150 we’ve installed in recent weeks at this customer’s High Point, NC facility

High Point, NC – 12/19/22

The Wulftec WRTA-150 is a rotary arm stretch wrapper that utilizes the existing floor space as its wrap zone. The wrap zone on this particular unit is protected by a light curtain safety system and fencing. The light curtain will deactivate the stretch wrapper if something enters the wrap zone while it is in motion.

Carol Stream, IL – 12/15/22

SWS installed this customers new WRTA-150 rotary arm stretch wrapper along with 4 low profile film clamp housings and pallet stops for the wrappers the customer already owned.

Smyrna, DE – 11/16/22

SWS installed two WRTA-150 rotary arm stretch wrappers with pit mounted scales for this customer in Delaware. The WRTA-150 is an automatic stretch wrapping solution that utilizes the existing floor space as it’s wrap zone.

Allendale, NJ – 9/2/22

SWS recently installed 4 Wulftec WRTA-150 units with 30″ film carriages, touchscreen control panels, pit mounted scales and lanyard wrap pattern selectors for a customer in New Jersey.

Florida, NY – 6/9/22

A few years back this customer came to us in need of a work horse stretch wrapping system that would hold up for years to come. Now they’ve grown and moved a few doors down to a larger space. SWS paid a visit to their facility and made quick work of the machine move.