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Ruther Glen, VA – 11/17/23
TECHNICIAN luke and caleb
CATEGORIES automatics, WRTA-150
Wulftec WRTA-150 Automatic Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper Learn More
  • 1 unit
  • 30" Film Carriage
  • HMI Touchscreen
  • Automatic Cut & Wipe

The significant acquisition of seven Wulftec WRTA-150 stretch wrappers by a forward-thinking customer for their Virginia facility represents a transformative leap in their operational capabilities. These machines, known for their robustness and efficiency, are set to revolutionize the customer’s wrapping and distribution processes. The WRTA-150 models are renowned for their rapid and reliable performance in a small footprint, capable of effortlessly handling the high-volume output that is typical of a bustling distribution center. The integration of these machines will vastly improve the speed and consistency of the customer’s operations, enabling a seamless flow of goods through the wrapping phase with minimal downtime. The operational impact is manifold; not only will the customer benefit from a significant uptick in productivity, but they will also see improvements in load stability and protection — critical factors in maintaining the integrity of goods in transit.

Dan Hart
Equipment Specialist
Over 30 years of packaging experience. Started SWS Packaging in 2009 with my friend John.