Ashland, VA – 3/18/22

The Wulftec WRWA-200 is a new approach to an age old problem in the industry – wrapping elongated and oversized pallets of things such as lumber, windows, doors, pipes, textiles and more. Often requiring wrapping to be properly shipped but are not easily wrapped without back breaking manual labor, these items call for a unique… Continue reading Ashland, VA – 3/18/22

South Jersey – 2/27/19

WRWA-200 Automatic Ring Stretch Wrapper 45 RPM 72″ ring 30″ film carriage Film roping mechanism Pattern selection & load release station Technicians: Matt & Rich

Central PA – 2/12/18

WRWA-200 Automatic Horizontal “Ring” Stretch Wrapper Window manufacturer Ring wrapper 10” carriage  Custom coated conveyor rollers Panel view screen offers multiple wrap patterns for various window sizes Wrap pattern selector Technicians: Matt & John

Western MD – 2/14/17

SWS technician Andrew installed conveyor guards with a top sheet roll bracket for this customer’s Wulftec WRWA-200 Horizontal Stretch Wrapper.

Carriage Rebuild – 1/17/17

SWS tech John Koehler was in Maryland recently for a carriage rebuild on a Wulftec WRWA Ring Wrapper with over 1,033,425 cycles. You can see that age and intense use caught up with the machine in the before pictures, but after the rebuild the machine was running like it was brand new once again.

Central, PA – 10/11/16

SWS technicians John and Andrew demoed and installed this Wulftec WRWA Horizontal Ring Wrapper for a customer in central Pennsylvania. The WRWA will be used to easily wrap long lumber in a range of sizes. 60″ horizontal ring wrapper 45 rpm unit 30″ carriage Dual pneumatic roping Top hold downs Powered chain bridge to accept… Continue reading Central, PA – 10/11/16