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Ashland, VA – 3/18/22
CATEGORIES automatics, WRWA-200
Wulftec WRWA-200 Automatic Horizontal Ring Stretch Wrapper Learn More
  • 1 unit
  • 30" Film Carriage
  • HMI Touchscreen
  • Automatic Cut & Wipe
  • Powered Roping
  • Safety Package
  • Safety Fencing
  • Light Curtain

The Wulftec WRWA-200 is a new approach to an age old problem in the industry – wrapping elongated and oversized pallets of things such as lumber, windows, doors, pipes, textiles and more. Often requiring wrapping to be properly shipped but are not easily wrapped without back breaking manual labor, these items call for a unique time and money saving solution. Thats where the WRWA-200 comes in with a production rate of up to 120 loads per hour!

Dan Hart
Equipment Specialist
Over 30 years of packaging experience. Started SWS Packaging in 2009 with my friend John.