Hand strap, machine strap – steel, polypropylene, polyester

Strapping is a technique used in the shipping and packaging industry to secure and reinforce packages during transit. Strapping involves wrapping a band or strip of material around the package and tightening it to keep the contents from shifting or falling out of the container. Strapping is commonly used to secure heavy or bulky items, or to stack multiple packages on top of one another. Strapping can also help protect items from damage during handling or transportation.

There are several types of strapping commonly used in the shipping and packaging industry, including steel, polyester, and polypropylene. Steel strapping is the strongest and most durable type of strapping and is often used to secure heavy items, such as construction materials, machinery, or metal products. Polyester and polypropylene strapping are lightweight and flexible, making them a popular choice for securing lighter items, such as cardboard boxes or plastic containers. In addition to these materials, strapping can also come in various widths, thicknesses, and tensile strengths to meet the specific needs of different packages and shipping methods.

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    Oklahoma – 1/29/19

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