Without tape, the packaging industry would be ripped apart!

Without tape, the packaging process would be a complete mess – boxes would be flapping around, products would be scattered, and shipping would be a nightmare. Luckily, tape is here to save the day! In the world of packaging, different types of tape serve different purposes. Water activated tape, for instance, is like a superhero – it’s strong, durable, and can create a tamper-evident seal that keeps products safe during shipping and handling. So, when it comes to packaging, tape is definitely the unsung hero!

Shipping a box without any tape sealing it is like sending a message in a bottle without a cork – it’s a disaster waiting to happen! You wouldn’t want your message in a bottle to get soggy! So, unless you want your business to be known as the one that sends leaky packages, make sure to seal those boxes!

  • Mechanicsburg, PA – 7/22/23

    Mechanicsburg, PA – 7/22/23

  • South Brunswick, NJ – 9/8/21

    South Brunswick, NJ – 9/8/21

  • Richmond, VA – 11/9/20

    Richmond, VA – 11/9/20

  • Central NJ – 3/16/20

    Central NJ – 3/16/20

  • Levittown, PA – 1/16/20

    Levittown, PA – 1/16/20

  • Philadelphia, PA – 10/14/19

    Philadelphia, PA – 10/14/19

  • Birmingham, AL – 8/23/19

    Birmingham, AL – 8/23/19

  • Baltimore, MD – 4/2/19

    Baltimore, MD – 4/2/19