Lantech Q300 Turntable Stretch Wrapper

Extended Wrap Height
Increase the wrap height of loads by replacing the 80" mast with a 110" mast.
Pallet Grip
Makes a cable of film that locks the load to the pallet. The film cable decreases the risk of damage during shipment.
Turntable Washdown
Uses water at pressure to clean the turntable. Proper drainage required.
Power Roller Stretch Plus - Film Delivery System
Sensors that can adjust the wrap force according to changes in the film's tension.
220V - 50/60 Hertz 15 AMP
Adds a transformer to the machine.
Cold Environment
Can operate in temperatures below -1 C to as low as -18 C (+31 F to 0F)
Ramp option allows for easy hand and rider jack access.
EZ Weigh Integrated Scale
Weigh and wrap loads at the same time with built in turntable scale.
Forklift Stop
Helps operator align the load on the turntable.
Pit Mount
Hand and rider jack access to a small footprint turntable solution.
Oversized Turntable
Oversized turntables in 72" and 96" variations are available.
Corrosive Environment Package
Improved operation in corrosive environments such as those where a machine is exposed to agents such as salt or fertilizer.
Netting Film Delivery System
Applies stretchable and non-stretching netting for loads that require more than average ventilation.
Dual Turntable
Add a second turntable to increase efficiency allowing the operator to start the wrap cycle on the first turntable and place a load on the second.


Lantech’s most versatile stretch wrapper