Shrink Wrappers & Bundlers

Shrink wrappers and shrink bundlers are widely used in the packaging process for a variety of products, from phones to beverage cartons. They heat shrink a plastic film around a product or group of products, creating a tight and secure fit that helps to protect them during transit and storage. This method of packaging is highly efficient, cost-effective, and versatile, making it a popular choice for many different and applications.

Shrink wrappers – because whether it’s a rare action figure or a box of cookies, everything deserves to be hugged tightly and preserved!

Shrink wrappers are commonly used to seal and protect products, from collectibles to food items. Shrink wrapping involves covering a product with a polymer plastic film that is then heated, causing the film to shrink and conform tightly to the contours of the product, creating a tight seal. This seal provides numerous benefits, including protecting against dust, moisture, and other external contaminants that can damage the quality of the product. With the example of collectibles, shrink helps to maintain the condition packaging, which many collectors are obsessed with, and therefore value over time. With perishable food products, shrink wrapping extends their shelf life and freshness, as the seal prevents oxygen from reaching the food and causing spoilage. Additionally, shrink wrapping provides a professional and attractive appearance to almost any product.

  • Edison, NJ – 11/10/20

    Edison, NJ – 11/10/20

  • New Castle, DE – 10/14/19

    New Castle, DE – 10/14/19

  • Coil Shrink Wrapper – 8/8/18

    Coil Shrink Wrapper – 8/8/18

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    Central PA – 7/12/18

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