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A case erector is a sophisticated piece of machinery that takes flat sheets of corrugated cardboard and transforms them into fully-formed boxes. There are two primary methods used by case erectors to create a complete box: adhesive application and corrugate tab connection. Adhesive application involves the use of hot melt or cold glue to seal the bottom flaps of the cardboard box together. The adhesive is applied to the flaps by nozzles or rollers, and the machine then folds the flaps and applies pressure to hold them in place until the glue dries. Corrugate tab connection, on the other hand, uses the natural properties of the cardboard to connect the flaps. The machine folds the cardboard flaps in a precise manner that creates a tab, which is then tucked into a slot in the adjacent flap to create a secure seal. Depending on the specific design of the case erector, it may use one or both of these methods to assemble boxes. Regardless of the approach, the end result is a fully-formed box that is ready to be filled with products and shipped to retailers or end consumers.

Case Sealers: because its only good to be an open box some of the time

Case sealers, also known as tape machines, are an essential piece of equipment in the packaging industry. They are designed to automate the process of sealing boxes, eliminating the need for manual taping. Without a case sealer, packaging companies would have to rely on manual labor to tape hundreds or thousands of boxes, which can be a tedious and time-consuming process. Case sealers are designed to be efficient and reliable, providing a consistent and secure seal on every box. They also help to reduce the risk of injury to workers, as repetitive manual taping can lead to strain or injury over time. By automating these repetitive tasks, packaging companies can save time and reduce labor costs, while also ensuring that their products are securely and efficiently packaged for safe transportation to their customers.

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